5 Most Addictive Games For Android Phones

Addictive Games For Android Phones

Are you a  game freak like me? Then this post, will surely be of your interest. Many people have addiction to drugs or alcohol but some people out here, have addiction to games! The Android games, which have discussed below, are so addictive that you can’t last a day without playing a few hours with them (seriously! ) These app games will keep you so engaged, thrilled, and motivated which you would have never imagined.

Here is the list of 5 best addictive games for your Android Phones:


1 . Temple Run

In this game, you have stolen the cursed idol from the temple and if you would like to save your life from Evil Demon Monkeys then just run! You can’t tilt the screen to move, you have to swipe to turn, jump and slide to avoid obstacles. This is just awesome game that started becoming a big hit in the year 2012.

Watch the Temple Run 2 Game Play

Click here to download Temple Run 2

2 . Angry Birds Space Premium

Angry Birds is one of the most addicted games and you might have played many versions of this game ever since the classic was released but Space is really a very different league but with exactly the same concept- kill the pigs that are in space. It really is probably the most downloaded game with stunning background. Just what exactly are you looking forward to? Download it and revel in the overall game just! It is possible to Download Angry Birds for Pc from here even.

3. Sprinkle

Sprinkle is really a challenging water-physics based puzzler that’s not only addictive but additionally a brain-teasing game where you need to adjust the height and angle of the cannon to fight fires, move obstacles, spin wheels and activate traps. This game can be acquired for devices running Android 2 . 3 or greater.

4. Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope can be an award-winning game where you have to slice the Rope, catch a star, and feed the hungry Om Nom candy. The overall game is addictive and original and the levels have become creative highly. You will enjoy it surely.

Cut the Rope 2 Game Play

5. Where’s My Water?

Where’s My Water is another addictive game where you have to be very clever to resolve this challenging physics-based puzzler. This game has all of the qualities which an awesome game must have like vibrant graphics, intuitive controls, and a sensational soundtrack. If you want to succeed, then you need to keep an eye out for algae, toxic ooze, triggers, and traps. This game is a complete fun and make you addict in no minute!

Addictive Games for Android

Many Thousands of Addivtive Games are available for your Android Phone, and there is large variety of games from which you can choose Android Games to Play. If you want to see a Long cool list of Free Android games then stay tuned with News For Geek

Top 5 Free of charge Microsoft Office Alternatives

Microsoft Office Alternatives

Microsoft Office has ended up to be the best for a long period of time for office applications, but a change has been noticed in the last few years, a lot of free alternatives for Microsoft Office have emerged off late. They can be accessed in any workspace having an internet connection. So , with these alternatives, you can access word files, spreadsheets and presentations at ease without keeping your wallet in mind.

1 . Google Docs

Google Docs Alternatives

Google Docs leads the list of open up office software; you can find strong reasons to why this might be. First of all, it provides all of the applications Microsoft Office provides – Word processor, spreadsheets, etc . and secondly, everything is absolutely free of charge . It is possible to access all of the documents on the web through Google Drive giving them the option to share their documents with others. It is also possible to edit images and create forms using Google forms also. Google Docs works with with Gmail and Google plus. The bottom line is, Google Docs is really a revolution in the wonderful world of Office Applications.

2 . Open Office

Open Office Alternatives

11 years old in the market, Open Office is the most popular and entrusted open office software. The package contains word processing, spreadsheets, databases and much more. Open Office can be downloaded for free and the software is compatible with Microsoft Word Documents so you can easily read and save MS documents. Though this software doesn’t have as good collaborative features as Google chrome but has some irreplaceable features that keep getting upgraded.

3. Libre Office

Libre Office Alternatives

The Working pattern of the software is comparable to that of Open Office closely. The important difference between your two is that lots of development is a part of Libre Office recently. Libre Office presents a whole many more advanced characteristics and features like Wiki Publisher; the functioning of LibreOffice is simpler and better moreover. The Striking characteristic concerning this software is that you could set it up in a Pen Drive and keep it in your pocket wherever you go.

4. King soft Office

King Soft Office Alternatives

This software is manufactured in China and runs in concordance with Microsoft Office. It includes Word, PowerPoint and excel. Its features reflect an uncanny resemblance to Microsoft Office, though sometimes, it stands alone using its variations. Its notable feature may be the PDF converter; it we can add watermarks to documents also. The workability of the software is fast and its’ simple to use. The Mobile version of the software can be acquired on android mobiles also.

5. Zoho Docs

ZOHO Docs alternatives

5th on the list, Zoho Docs lingers around footmarks of Google docs. Among the packages of Zoho Docs offers 1 GB free storage online plus a word processor and measures for creating spreadsheets. The interface in Zoho docs isn’t user oriented since it promises to be. The plus concerning this software is its allowance to make use of 5 GB space.

7 Programming Toolkits YOU NEED TO KNOW About

Programming Toolkits for programmers

7 Programming Toolkits for programmers – Programmer is really a person most widely known for converting caffeine into code, and contains no limits on the quantity of work, he might need to do in order to complete the project initiated by your client, or if working on some type of a project. Programming involves greater degrees of concentration, perfection, accuracy, and all completed in deadlines, to get paid actually. Toolkits, and helping softwares are wonderful to be utilized to be able to complete the programming process quickly, efficiently, and save time, efforts and money. These are an over-all collection of some softwares, cheat sheets, etc ., that are very much useful in long coding processes.
These tickets are available in paid segments, free versions, etc ., which you may purchase/use, on your need and purpose. Some basic purposes that a toolkit would solve for you is, helping you create the applications, in the debugging process, testing process, etc . Basically, after you have access to a programming toolkit, you don’t really need anything else, but your programming skills in developing what you would like too. Skills, coupled with these toolkits produce great and efficient results really, assisting you achieve wonderful programming assets.
There are always a complete large amount of tickets obtainable in the online along with offline marketplace, however the ones, which are actually worthwhile, are very few. There are a lot of features that go to waste, or some tickets, don’t have some of the essential features, so , an inventory has been made by us of 7 Programming toolkits, that you’ll find out about actually. Complete in all respects, these are the very best toolkits for programmers.

1) Arabica

Arabika is written in C++ and it is an XML, HTML processing toolkit and should be portable to most platforms. Also providing SAX, DOM, xPath and XSLT implementation.

Programming Toolkits

2) TCL Dev Kit( TDK)

Tcl Dev Kit (TDK) provides essential tools for Tcl programmers, rendering it an easy task to create, build and deploy applications.


TCL Development Kit


3) GTK+

GTK+, or the GIMP Toolkit, is a multi-platform toolkit for creating graphical user interfaces. Offering a complete group of widgets, GTK+ would work for projects which range from small one-off tools to perform application suites.


Gimp Toolkit

4) Aesop

Aesop system provides a toolkit for rapidly building software architecture design environment and it supports cooperation between Aesop and other tools, give a customizable TCl/TK based graphical interface also.


Aesop interface development kit

5) Perl Dev Kit

Perl Dev Kit (PDK) provides essential tools for building and deploying Perl applications.

Perl Development Kit


6) Amulet

Amulet is an interface development environment for C++ and is portable across X11 on all kinds of Unix ( Sun, Dec, HP, SGI, Linux, NetBSD, etc . ). Amulet helps you create graphical, interactive user interfaces for your software.

interface development environment


7) AVR Cross Development Kit

CDK4AVR means Cross Development Package for Atmels AVR RISC processor chip serie. CDK4AVR collects all applications and development equipment in a single directory (/opt/cdk4avr) and can make an effort to present a straightforward to admin set up.

Cross Development Kit

Eight Useful Responsive WEB SITE DESIGN Tutorials

Responsive WEB SITE DESIGN Tutorials

Web designing is really a procedure for integrating new stuff in to the design, and making the page look updated and great according to the newest available technology and techniques. And, responsive designing is the new thing in trend.

Responsive sites are basically the ones, which adjust their dimensions and size according to the device’s screen size, and dimensions, on which it is being opened or operated on. It is very easy to be designing a responsive web page, but anything requires some tutorials and training to be learned before implementation.

An excellent tutorial is something, which teaches the significance and required stuff whatsoever possible time, sufficient reason for minimal complicated content and data. It really is about conveying the message to probably the most newbie person reading it even. We learn stuff the simplest way using these kind of tutorials. For responsive web designing, you can find a large number of tutorials available web-wide. These offer cool and amazing features and degree of teaching, in the best possible way. The desired code, the desired placement of the code in the best possible way, and other stuff, a good tutorial will teach the same very easily and effectively.
There are thousands of tutorials available online, and if you try on reading each one of them, you shall end up getting confused and nothing else. An accumulation of among the best web designing tutorials, which can only help you master the manner of making a website responsive, and causing you to capable of carrying it out by yourself, is listed below. These have minimal complicated data, and so are very easy to comprehend and implement.



Build Basic Responsive Site CSS

In this tutorial, we will discuss the basic principles behind responsive web site design in detail, Whenever a developer creates a website that scales on both large and small screens perfectly. Responsive web site design has mainly turn into a hot topic because increasing numbers of people are using cellular devices such as for example iPhones, iPads, Androids and BlackBerrys to gain access to the internet.
So it’s becoming more and more important to recognize that a website shouldn’t be specifically about either the desktop or the mobile device, but about building it in that real way that its layout adapts to varying viewport sizes.




How exactly to Design a Mobile Responsive Website

IN this tutorials, we talk about how to produce a responsive web design for mobile devices.

Design a Mobile Responsive Website



How Add Responsive Video Your Website

Responsive Web Design

The web design industry is evolving at a rapid pace. So , sometimes, we need to adjust our design and development techniques to account for new technologies. Nowadays, responsive web design is advanced technologies for everyone, you can embedded videos on the sites similar as images.



Responsive WEB SITE DESIGN Layouts and Media Queries

Responsive Web Design


A responsive website is really a website which will respond and adjust to the user’s screen and behavior size. The essential idea would be to resize and reorder the look, adapt images, typography, columns, etc ., predicated on screen – browser size, resolution and orientation of providing each device a particular website instead.



Design Sites Using Responsive Grid System

Responsive Web Design


The Responsive Grid System isn’t a framework or perhaps a boilerplate. But it does make creating responsive websites quick and easy.



Handling Typography Responsive Design

Responsive Web Design


Responsive Web Design

Responsive web designing is a Wonderfully fluid grids and media queries making our designs fit screens of any size. In this tutorials you shall discover ways to fit a sort right into a responsive web site design site.



Create Fluid Layouts HTML5 and CSS3

Fluid Layouts

In this tutorials, designers and developers will get the knowledge about how exactly to generate fluid layouts HTML5 and CSS3 responsive sites.



Responsive Web Design a Visual Guide net

According to this guide, it is possible to learn about what sort of sites could be fitted by us on every device


IOS 7 Features

IOS 7 is a mobile operating system that is designed by apple company. It’s the successor to the previous ios 6 operating system which they released. After it had been unveiled, ios 7 has a number of the exciting features and functions some which includes the following…


io7 Features

ios 7 features

io7 features



App store:

This function introduces a new section called Near me making someone to know which applications tend to be more known or popular inside the neighboring city. with the ability to give more choices of searching e.g by age range

Photo modes

like movie, panoramic photo have become much supported by this brand-new camera interface. New burst mode and photo filter preview are a number of the features obtainable in the ios 7 also.

Control center

makes it simpler to access settings just like the airplane modes, mass media control. Which in turn leads you shortcuts to other applications like the clock and the calculators just to name a few. There are also other capabilities offered like turning off and on Bluetooth.


is Another great achievement. Introduced in ios4, the ios 7 builds on this feature hence full multitasking for applications running. Updating [background] of applications is also provided by the multitasking layer.

Car play

is also a feature in ios 7. it uses an integration called siri which is selected from car models to offer what is called satellite navigation. i. e. eyes free and hands free, music and others.


– Io7 operating system has seven wallpapers which have bubble designs and numerous variety of colors. According to the accelerometer, these bubbles in the walls paper move. There is also another effect called parallax. Wallpapers which are static move with this effect.

• Integration of the smart lookup industry and the safari in the operating-system.

Other Improvements

that has come with the new ios 7 are usually twitter improvement to reading checklist and sharing, tabs which are infinite and a feature referred to as the parental control. These are simply of the a few of the many functions in the new ios 7. It has a few important functions that are simpler to use and at ones ease and comfort.