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5 Most Addictive Games For Android Phones

Are you a  game freak like me? Then this post, will surely be of your interest. Many people have addiction to drugs or alcohol but some people out here, have addiction to games! The Android games, which have discussed below, are so addictive that you can’t last a day without playing a few hours with

Top 5 Free of charge Microsoft Office Alternatives

Microsoft Office has ended up to be the best for a long period of time for office applications, but a change has been noticed in the last few years, a lot of free alternatives for Microsoft Office have emerged off late. They can be accessed in any workspace having an internet connection. So , with

7 Programming Toolkits YOU NEED TO KNOW About

7 Programming Toolkits for programmers – Programmer is really a person most widely known for converting caffeine into code, and contains no limits on the quantity of work, he might need to do in order to complete the project initiated by your client, or if working on some type of a project. Programming involves greater

Eight Useful Responsive WEB SITE DESIGN Tutorials

Web designing is really a procedure for integrating new stuff in to the design, and making the page look updated and great according to the newest available technology and techniques. And, responsive designing is the new thing in trend. Responsive sites are basically the ones, which adjust their dimensions and size according to the device’s


IOS 7 is a mobile operating system that is designed by apple company. It’s the successor to the previous ios 6 operating system which they released. After it had been unveiled, ios 7 has a number of the exciting features and functions some which includes the following…   io7 Features     App store: This function introduces

11 Finest Free Online Programming E-Books

Learning is the simple procedure for getting new or modifying and reinforcing your existing knowledge, behavior, skills or it may involve synthesizing different piece of information. Learning doesn’t happen all at once, but it needs attempts and time to get something depending on how we need to learn more and what we already know. In

12 Superior Website Templates of June 2014

This is the year 2014, and the largest market is the Internet, with over 2 million prospective customers online,  world-wide, this is the ideal time to market online business, and Ecommerce immediately, and really using the Internet to market your company, and getting the offline customers to reach you more economically. Having an online business,

7 Finest WordPress Bootstrap Frameworks Themes 2014

The popularity of WordPress is growing exponentially at a rapid pace because of its open source platform which allows web developers and designers to assemble their custom themes or plugins. These topics or plugins provides extra functionality to the WordPress while plugins helps to perform any particular operation within few clicks as themes allow the

12 Greatest Free jQuery Plugins of July 2014

JQuery is a cross platform JavaScript library -side scripting of HTML. It was released at BarCamp NYC in January 2006 by John Resig. It’s now developed by a team of programmers headed by Dave Methvin. Used by over 80% of the 10,000 most visited sites, and due to its excellent and wide-ranging extensibility, it’s the