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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Free Download Avada 3.7.1 Wordpress Theme With License [Giveaway]

Hello Friends ! After the overwhelming Response from our readers, we thought it would be a great idea to supply someone with a Avada 3.7.1 Wordpress Theme , this will be our 2nd giveaway.

In order to win and Download The Avada 3.7.1 Wordpress Theme , you need to follow certain terms and condition firstly you will not be permitted to re-distribute any of the license or theme in order to maintain your free copy of license - Avada 3.7.1 Wordpress Theme.

First let us introduce you to the best features of this theme and why its popular, first reason being it can be used for any topics - magazines themes , portfolio themes , Business themes and even as a e-commerce themes , after all its multi-purpose Avada wordpress theme.

You can use this themes for providing Gadget Reviews, Products specification reviews and for sponsored reviews  , its totally bundled with the rich snippets of meta user rating and reviews.

Some of the cool and very admirable features of the theme are depicted in below infographic.

avada theme free downlaod

So Now you might have a question , how do I participate in this giveaway?
Ans: Its really simple, all you have to do is contact us with your email address and we will send you everything you need, we can also provide support with the installation of the theme if required.

Your copy of the license will be included in the zip file , with your supplied email id we will create the account on evanto so you can keep track of your license and for future products updates .

Note: Redistribution of license will be not allowed .

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Best Free WordPress[WP] Responsive Themes

We are Promised for publishing the Best Free WordPress[WP] Responsive Themes With Slider which is best suite for your Business , Portfolio as well for blog in the year of 2015. 
Recently we have posted a Giveaway for Ammo Wordpress theme, Hope you people are going to participate and we wish that the maximum number of people will win this theme.
Here we have Top 10 Best Free and Premium WordPress[WP] Responsive Themes to introduce to you , As you know now day responsive website design is key to revamp your organic visitors counter .

1. InterStellar

Free download Intelsteller wp  theme
Clean and sexy, responsive theme equipped with multiple portfolio page layouts, homepage slider avail, Many widget homepage, theming options and much more.

2. Arcade

Free Wordpress themes - Arcade 

Create a stand-out website with Arcade, a lightweight and fully responsive HTML5 theme. Customise it to your taste by adding your own headers image, page layout, site width and more. Each post can be distinguished with one of the eight supported formats; video, image, aside, status, audio, quote, link and gallery.

3. vFlex

Free WordPress themes - vFlex 

Designed specially with bloggers and designers in mind, vFlex is a stylish, free, responsive WordPress theme. Its main features include an inbuilt FlexSlider so you can simply select featured images and an integrated VibeOptions panel, which supports logo upload, import and export settings and many other features. vFlex's responsive layout also means the theme looks great on iPad, iPhones, and other devices.

4. Appliance

free WordPress themes - Appliance 

Appliance is a super-clean and minimalist theme that presents posts in a series of panels across the page instead of as a simple list. It's very code-light, making it quick to load, and has a pleasingly clean look that's ideal for magazine-style content where each post will feature a strong image.

5. Zenith

Free Wordpress themes - Zenith 

Zenith is a responsive theme with a rich, magazine-style layout that features space for large images. The theme has built-in support for Gravity Forms, and ships with multiple layout options, as well as support for custom templates and menus.

06. Noteworthy

Free Wordpress themes - Noteworthy

Noteworthy is really bold theme that, according to the theme author, is modeled on the USA Today website. The color scheme is modern and clean code, while bordering on brash, but the stand-out features of this theme is the showcase area for the most recent post.

07. Splendio

Free Wordpress themes - Splendio 

Splendio has done a great job of balancing the featured content of the page with additional added value content. You want to promote the other pages and posts on your site (to increase traction and time on site) without taking away from the reason the visitor is there in the first place. This is a difficult task that the designers and developers of Splendio have done well. The details and colours really help to make this a great blog theme.

08. Polar Media

Free Wordpress themes - Polar Media 

I like the content used to demo PolarMedia because it speaks to exactly how this theme should be used. It's great for a blog featuring news and up-to-the-minute updates.
This free WordPress theme does a great job of showcasing content in a new format. Whether you're reporting on red carpet happenings or political disputes, it will do you and your visitors proud.

09. Origin

Free Wordpress themes - Origin 

Origin is a premium, fully responsive WordPress blog theme with a minimal, clean design that allows visitors to focus on content. Origin lite is the only free version of this theme, which features a fixed two-column layout, responsive gallery and custom widgets for categories and social media networks.

10. Folder

Free Wordpress themes - Folder 

Folder is a free WordPress theme with a slight retro feel to it. With a design dominated by images, this responsive theme is perfect for displaying projects and products. Features include custom project posts and admin panel, five different widgets included (video, latest work, contact form, twitter feed, recent posts), and more.

Do you have any other Free Wordpress theme that we missed in this article , we are really waiting to see your comments?

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Ammo Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme Free Download [Giveaway]

First Giveaway Announced of Ammo Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme Free Download By News For Geek to their readers !

Let we explore some cool Features of Ammo Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme Before you Free download copy of theme and we announce the winner of theme.

ammo free version of theme downloadammo wordpress free downlaod

ammo theme free downlaod

Friday, 6 March 2015

Ultimate Recovery Tips After Hit By Google Panda And Penguin

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Webmasters Level : Medium .

Hello Readers !! Again we are going to emphasize a very bold topics of Google penalties on our blog, Recently we have posted an astonishing articles to make you aware of Google penalties .
So Here , I m going to compose 16 important recovery tips to retain your organic visitors , but once your recovered your site , keep in mind some of anticipated step which I have listed on Why google penalized your site ?

Do you know the functional area of Google panda ? , If your answer is no , we have something to let you know .
Google panda is demote thin contents and promote quality contents in search engine results pages . Google Panda Daily affecting hundreds of thousands of thin websites and blogs , Ultimately resulting in heavy loss of money for starter and medium level sites .

There are more then 500 signals or search engine algorithms used by Google to rank your sites or web-contents. And, in the year 2015, Google has set a target to revamps their algorithms for 1000 times (throughout the year).

Google Penguin basically against of link farms and spammy link activities performed by the webmasters , whereas the Panda fights back for the thin contents and low quality content .

Let me First start with the Google panda recovery and later on the article we will talk about the Google penguin recovery tips , Now the emerging question is how should any web guru know they hit by the panda and Penguin ?
Answer is yet simple , Dude look at your Google Analytics Traffic pillars after each and every Google algorithms updates, Usually Google rolling out their algorithms ones in a month or two .If you are seeing a very sharp drops in organic traffic heading from the Google ,your mind got automatically intimated for the same . so now lets talk about the some recovery and make your self happy :)

Google Panda Recovery Tips:

1. Make your lean articles abundant: Nothing is just like a write-up with 100, as well as 250, as well as more than three hundred words deemed as thin information.
Search engines majors Google has not yet commented on amount of content one should have in a single page However, as being a general process your current articles ought to be more than 200 long.
Find out the lean or shallow contents posts or web pages from your website or blogs, and make them content rich by adding some in-dept information.
2. Replace copied contents with unique ones: Duplicate content is actually copy, no matter if internal-duplication as well as external-duplication.
Sometimes noob bloggers publish posts (unknowingly , oh really?) which are exactly copied of their older posts (internal content duplication). Even most of the guest bloggers’ published posts are more or less duplicate contents from other sites (external Content duplication).
To get rid of the topic of internal duplication and external duplication use google custom search bar other wise we have website like

3. Try to Reduce your ad slots: What is important as a google point of views is , their Reader and visitors , If you are serving flashy ads contents around the fold area then it should be a single of low quality sites .
As per the google standard focus on quality of content , think as a visitors point of view rather to thrive on lots of bucks by serving the ad contents .

4. If you are not articulated at PBN Please stay away: I hope you are already aware of the Private Blog Network so let me skip this topic off other wise comment out "we want guide for PBN" I do like to write few important aspect upon readers requests .
If you are running with 20 blogs or micro sites on same hosting server and same ip address then it time to host some of your site to different hosting provider to regain your reputation Try to host your blog on C-class ip with different hosting server . this method will help you lot to regain your repo.

5. Agree or not social signals matter a lot: Some time lots of Google+ shares , twitter retweet and facebook audience will lead your site to get recover from Google Panda.
The more your influence and reach in social media sites, the faster you recover from Google Panda penalties .

6. Try to find out 404 Pages: Take the help of Google web master tool to figure out how many pages from your sites serve 404 error pages , solve this issue by applying the 301 permanent redirect methods . Fews of the 404 Page Never adversely impact on your site seo but its good to set 301 method , it only take single minuite of time to set 404 page redirect to the new pages .
If you recently changed any of your blog post URL,keep redirect it to the new URL, by 301 redirection method of .htaccess file .However search engines are never take interest to show awful information to their visitors

7. Improve PA and DA: By improving Page Authority and Domain Authority of your site will surely help you to get recovery from google panda

8. Discard thin ranked pages: Try to look around your blog posts ,hover to the google analytics and try to deeply analysis which of your blog posts are not receiving traffic or people are not interested to read out . if you found some pages are likely getting only penny of traffic ,please its time to remove those pages to revamp your reputation .
Okay , Now let's me explorer some very crucial step to recover your site from Google Penguin Penalties  

Before i start , let me emphasize you on some functional area of google penguin and its working structure so you get better idea to deal with this algorithm .
Google Penguin coined by Google on April 24, 2012 to give it user a better web content , its specially designed to give a thumb to a webmaster who are follow up with google webmaster guide line for link building and give jerk to back hat link builder . 

So here i am giving you a best tips to let's you recover your site from Google Penguin updates and also this article contain reason to get penalized from google penguin  .

Google Penguin Recovery Tips:

1. Check you inbound backlink quality: The reason you are punished is likely in light of the fact that you have a great deal of unnatural  backlinks indicating back your site, yet this doesn't mean all your backlinks are awful. It's dependent upon you to make sense of which backlinks are originating from spammy sites. There are a few sorts of backlinks that Google consider as a spammy links.

2. Backlinks Pointed from non-indexed sites: This is happens when your inbound link pointed back from the site which is not indexable by the google , Before posting the link on any site you really need to check Particular web page meta robot tag or robots.txt file to know if page is blocked from spider or not . If it does blocked from search engines you must avoid that backlink .

3. Links from low PA and DA
: Always check the page authority and Domain Authority of the site before posting your website link . Use moz toolbar to check the Page and domain authority of the site .

4. Links Pointed from irrelevant sites : Niche is matter lot when we are talking about recovery tips , try to avoid the link from the site which are not serving the content identical to your sites .
5. Private blog networks Links:  Google identify PBN link very easily now day , only use the PBN if you are know how to Create PBN and how to post the link on the private blog network. 

6. Site-wide backlinks: Site wide backlink hurt when its do-follow link , Generally site wide backlink posted on footer section , or at useful link section , if any one of your follower posted your site link in his site , you him to include link with no-follow tag i.e. 
<a href="" title="example" rel="nofollow"> example site </a> .

7. improper use of anchor text usage: Some time over use of anchor text lead your site to get penalized , Always use exact anchor text if your content is exactly related to your site , If you made a 100 Link for the single anchor text then it will always hurts you , try to diversify your anchor text with "click here" , "Here is the same thing to do" and so on . It's called a natural backlink strategies and will never lead to penalties .

8. Mostly Thin directories & Link farmed forums : Article sites , Directory sites and forum links are good and best when its pointed from relevant , high and authority sites other wise its will surly hurt your ranking , Ones or two links does not matter , i am taking about hundreds of link pointing from back to your website.

    There are many free and paid tools you can use to help you build backlinks list, including Google Webmaster Tools, Open Site Explorer(ose), Majestic SEO, SEMRush, Ahrefs, and many others.
    Once you have list of your all backlink , its time to remove it manually or by contacting web master by an email. if its impossible to remove those backlink manually , you need to use Google Disavow tools  to ask google to do not follow those link which is listed in submited text file .
    Recovering Google penguin hit sites might be take months of time , for faster recovery you need to submit each and every removed backlink page to google URL submit  so google spider craw page immediately so you will get speedy recovery.

    hey just curious to know , are you using the same thing which is listed above ? Please comment out if i left something important.

    Conclusion : I hope mine long lasting guide line will surely help you to get your site recovers from Google panda and Google penguin updates.

    Saturday, 28 February 2015

    How to fix hacked site issue to stay away from google penalties?

    Webmaster Level: Starter

    Hello Reader !
    Today we are back with the hot topic "How to fix hacked site issue to stay away from google penalties" does it sound interesting ? Yes we hope so.

    Every day Hackers are penetrating and exploiting the vulnerability of almost 0.85 % of total availability of websites on the Internet. As you know how hacked sites could harm your visitors by serving malicious program, collecting sensitive information, or redirecting them to some other sites they didn't wanted to visit , web site owners are really in hurry to fix the hacked site issue but its not easy to find out altered code that is changed by the attackers.

    Recently Google has talked to two web site owner with hacked sites to explore more on how they were able to fix their hacked websites. We're sharing their stories with you to hope that they might provide ideas to other webmasters who have been victims of hacking. Google also using these stories and other feedback for improving their documentation for hacked sites to make the process easier for everyone going forward.

    Case Study #1: Restaurant website with multiple hack-injected scripts:

    A restaurant website using Wordpress received a message from Google in their Webmaster Tools account, alerting them that their site had been altered by hackers. To protect Google users, the website was labeled as hacked in Google's search results. The webmaster of the site, Sam, looked at the source code and noticed many unfamiliar links on the site with pharmaceuticals terms such as "viagra" and "cialis." She also noticed many pages where the meta description tags (in the HTML) had added content such as "buy valtrex in florida." There were also hidden div tags (also in the HTML) of many pages that linked to many sites. None of these links were added by Sam.
    Sam removed all of the hacked content she found and filed a reconsideration request. The request was rejected but in the message she received from Google, she was advised to check for any unfamiliar scripts in the any PHP files (or any other server files), as well as changes to the .htaccess file. These files are likely to have scripts added by the hackers that modify the site. These scripts typically only show the hacked content to search engines, while hiding the content from a normal user. Sam checked out all of the .php files and compared them to the clean copies she had in her backup. She found new content added to her footer.php, index.php, and functions.php. When she replaced those files with the clean backups, she could no longer find any hacked content on her site. When she filed another reconsideration request, she got a response from Google notifying her that her site was free from hacked content!

    Even though Sam had cleaned up the hacked content on her site, she knew that she would need to continue to secure her site against future attacks. She followed the steps below to keep her site safe in the future:
    • Keep the CMS (content management system like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc) up to date with the most current version. Make sure plugins are up to date as well.

    • Make sure the account used to access the administrative features of the CMS uses a difficult and unique password.
    • If the CMS supports it, enable 2-step verification for login. (This might also be called two factor authentication or two step authentication.) This is recommended for the account being used for password recovery as well.
    • Make sure the plugins and themes installed are from a reputable source - pirated plugins or themes can often contain code that makes it even easier for hackers to get in!

    Case Study #2: Professional website with lots of hard to find hacked pages:

    A small business owner named Maria who also manages her own website received a message in her Webmaster Tools that her site was hacked. The message provided an example of a page added by hackers: She talked to her hosting provider who looked at the source code on the homepage but could not find any pharmaceutical keywords. When the hosting provider visited, it returned an error page. Maria also bought a malware scanning service but the service was not able to find any malicious content on her site.

    Maria then went to Webmaster Tools and used the Fetch as Google tool on the example URL Google had provided ( which returned no content. Confused, she filed a reconsideration request and received a rejection message which advised her to do two things:
    1. Verify the non-www version of her site as hackers often try to hide content in folders that may be overlooked by the webmaster. While it may seem like and are the same site, Google actually treats these as different sites. is referred to as the "root domain" while is called the subdomain. Maria had verified but not verified which is important because the pages added by hackers were non-www pages like Once she verified she was able to successfully see the hacked content on the provided URL with the Fetch as Google tool in Webmaster Tools.

    2. Check her .htaccess file for new rules. Maria talked to her hosting provider who showed her how to access her .htaccess file. She noticed right away that her .htaccess file had some strange content that she had not added:
      <IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
      RewriteEngine On
      RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT} (google|yahoo|msn|aol|bing) [OR]
      RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} (google|yahoo|msn|aol|bing)
      RewriteRule ^([^/]*)/$ /main.php?p=$1 [L]

      The mod_rewrite rule you see above was inserted by the hacker and redirects anyone coming from certain search engines, as well as search engine crawlers, to main.php, which generates all of the hacked content. It's also possible that these rules can redirect users accessing the site on a mobile device. On the same day, she also saw that a recent malware scan found suspicious content on the main.php file. One top of that, she also noticed an unknown user in the ftp users area of her website development software.

    She has removed the main.php file, the .htaccess file, and removed the unknown user from her FTP users area and her site was no longer hacked!

    Anticipated Step To Prevent Your Website Being Hacked :

    • Avoid using FTP when transferring files to your servers. FTP does not encrypt any traffic, including passwords. Instead, use SFTP, which will encrypt everything, including your password, as a protection against eavesdroppers examining network traffic.
    • Check the permissions on sensitive files like .htaccess. Your hosting provider may be able to assist you if you need help. The .htaccess file can be used to improve and protect your site, but it can also be used for malicious hacks if they are able to gain access to it.
    • Be vigilant and look for new and unfamiliar users in your administrative panel and any other place where there may be users that can modify your site.

    We hope your site never gets hacked, but if it does, we have many resources for hacked webmasters on our Help for Hacked Sites page. If you need more help or would like to share your own tips, you can post in our Webmaster Help Forum. If you do post to the forum or submit a reconsideration request for your site, please include #NoHacked.

    Sunday, 22 February 2015

    Why Google Has Penalized Your Website?

    Hello folks!
    Webmasters: Entry Level

    google penalty infographics

    So are you losing your visitors probably a pool of potential customers/clients one who may worth millions dollars for you ? nowadays most Webmasters, SEO's and so called Website owners are afraid of being penalized from the worlds most popular search engine Google.

    It's pretty simple if you are really a honest follower of Google webmaster guide-line, you won't get hurt by either Google or other search engines.  If you are optimizing your website in a proper way, then no fear of penalization will touch your mind.

    Here, I would like to aware you about several thin strategies you must avoid in warming year of 2015, because from now Google is on uncompromising mission. It wants to give to users an accurate information, relevant content and needy stepped up sized results. It will continually revamping and improving its algorithms (Context to follow, Google Panda, Penguin, etc.) so that major web get filtered and avail with precise information that everybody looking for.

    Here what I called is my experience and keep we all should avoid it to stay away from being penalized by Google and deliver a delightful hope to our respected clients/customers.

    Paid links (Link buying)
    Are you still outsources/buy link for your website or client website? Please avoid it because, now days Google has made very strong updates with penguin and google identified patterns to deal with these type of paid link services .

    Reciprocal links
    Are you aware what does it mean? ,
    Its means, if Site B places a link on site A, after Site A owner assess the posted link of Site B, then the link for Site B is will  be publicly available on site A. In short, A <-> B (look like compromised back link ). This type of cheap link will be identified on free directory submission site , you must avoid using this non-profitable strategy.

    Duplicate content
    I do not think to emphasize more specially on this topic , however If you are doing it , you are inviting search engines to penalize your reputed site.

    Multiple H1 tags
    I recommend you to use only one H1 tag that will serve your most important keyword in header tag . Do not use extensive amount of header tag as well, it will surely hit your site once you have extensive number of pages with the same strategies. You can keep focus on paragraph to full fill the Google webmaster guide line.

    Other Language Links
    Yes, it impact bit high when you are getting large number  of backlinks from the website that are not tied with the same language that you are using to post the contents on your site. It is okay with few but better to avoid this.

    Keyword stuffing
    Do not use extensive amount focused keywords in your article, Google will interpret as a spam. If you planning to post an article of more then 1000 worlds, keyword consistency should not be more than 2.5 to 3.5 %. You can even bold <b>, italic <i>, emphasize <em> in header tag and meta tag, but avoid the meta tag keyword stuffing .

    Keyword Focused Footer links
    If you are template or some thing same provider , party website, you must ask your template user to include your site link as no-follow in htm tag i.e <a href="" relation="nofollow" title="Web site template provider">website template provider</a>

    Incorrect XML sitemap
    Yes, it will be a bad signal if your xml sitemap redirect Google crawler to page not found (404) error , you can use several automated tool to build your web site xml site map with sufficient accuracy .

    Duplicate Meta Data 
    Duplicating some of meta tags in your website pages may lead your site to get ranked low, it is can be problem while you drove with CMS system. You must have some question regarding this, like how knows that they serve duplicate meta tag? Yes I have clear and very simple answer for that, drive to your verified website Google webmaster tool account for further managing the site, and simply click on HTML improvement to get some delightful results :)

    Keyword Stuffed Blog Commenting
    Do not comment regularly on the blog, it does not make any sense to click your link, rather you can focus on leaving URL without href tag in the comment that are followed by the anchor text.

    Duplicate Article Submission
    Are you spun articles to the free/paid article submission website ?, that will lead your site in trouble , Google panda will surely penalize for the duplicate content to the respective sites and penguin for you to duplicating the backlink with the same pattern .

    Getting Links from Poor PR Sites
    Avoid getting the backlink from the poor PR site. Now days Google will updating the PR since December 2013, so I recommend to you check the page author as well as a domain authority of the future backlink website.

    Irrelevant Forum linking
    This can be the another stupid reason to get penalized by the search engines. Please avoid the forum post link which are useless. If you are recommending a useful and relevant link, you will get link juice else it will poison your website .
    Incorrect Robots.txt
    A single mistake in Robots.txt file is enough to get your site banned by search engines , you must be aware of it. I recommend beginners to get away of outrageous glitch and try to contact the expert to make changes in this file. Here  is the best resources available to take care of your website robot.txt file

    Having lot of Error codes
    Having lots of error in PHP code, html code and css file will certainly not optimize to get better ranking , you must make your webpage neat and clean so it should be w3c validated .

    Having broken links
    Broken link causes the low ranking because when some one landed to your site but they are not getting what they requested, you better make .htaccess redirect or html meta refresh redirect to avoid this instance .

    Hidden Links/Hidden content
    Are you hiding links/contents with you css skills?
    If yes, then you should be ready to receive the penalty from google penguin, this means you are intensionally blocking resources from public, it is only available for the code scraper alike bots.

    Low/thin quality content
    So are you are posting regularly on your blog or site, it is quite interesting and what search engines loves is fresh contents, but are you posting what type of content and what is the quality ratio? must ask yourself before publishing the post because posting five to ten lines of information does not make any sense. If your webpage has lower text to html ratio then it generates penalize signals i.e your site may get penalized.

    Anchor text Linking
    Articulated placed anchor text link will definitely grow your business with natural traffic beside you will catch the search engines bots to crawl your site frequently and algorithms to make your rank higher in the organic results. Dear readers the only problem is a huge amount of single focused keyword anchor text links that cause the penalties

    PBN (Private Blog Network)
    Now day this is bold and hot topic need to be discussed. Does google penalize the website which is directly high ranked due to the private blog network?
    My so called answer is , it depends on several points which is listed below.

      • Are you hosting all your site on the same server ?
      • Are you registering all the PBN domains with the same details ?
      • Does your Whois Information available in Public ?
      • Are you marketing only single site on all the blogs/sites ?
      • Are all your PBN sites has a same themes, same niches, same categories that cater user need ?
      • What is the PA and DA of all the blogs/sites ?
      • Does some of site has a PR ?
      • All links are single tier ? 

      hmm , Now its seems like you are ready to create your own PBN and rank your site better then ever, but first you must solve above listed problem before starting your own private blog network.

      Conclusion: So readers now are you aware of common seo glitch to avoid in future , if i forget something to get listed above, i would really be thankful for your comments and odds as well.